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Lyandrea (elle [EH'-jeh]) is a multifaceted artist of Broiken ancestry. Elle's work cultivates a depicted line of utter internal expression through artistry. Elle's art comes from a larger source; through conscious and unconscious movement. Visions of art come from a thought/idea, or through meditation. Their art conveys love, light, empathy, and unity, with a ruling objective to connect with the individual by pouring their desires and frustrations with society into each piece. Driven by a passion for social change, Lyandrea’s works focus on queer theory, environmental change, and societal injustices.

drawings, paintings, and illustrations... 

i want to drink your water 2018_1.jpg
Take me_Lyandrea M_2018.jpg
Dana Martin_2021.JPG
Kerry Washington 4 Essence_Lyandrea_2020.jpg
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