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Portal to Self

In July 2021, “Portal to Self” was displayed for the first time during a “Soft Collective” event. I developed visions of the works. This is what moved me to make them. I saw portals in the art. There were so many, linked to me. The portals led to different realms, different moments. Levels of my alter-being. I remembered that I am unbounded.

I realized it was a series once I created my own brush via Procreate. The brush has variously sized and shaped circles strung together in a line, overlapping infinitely. It reminds me of my buddy David D. Oquendo’s prayer beads work. That made me love this brush even more.

The series is a mixed-media project. The portals are layered on other prints then finished with a pen or airbrush. 7 pieces were created within a few months thus far. 

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