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Captured by Lauren Gavin

"Lyandrea [elle/elles - EH'-jeh] is a gender queer Latinx artist whose work captivates the essence of the world around us, delivering powerful messages and true beauty. Drawing inspiration from their surroundings, Lyandrea skillfully transforms photographs into stunning visual representations, often with an intriguing twist of distortion. Their artistic process begins with dissecting the images, meticulously creating what they see. Drawing multiple references, Lyandrea then brings their captivating drawings to life with acrylic and oil paint, expertly navigating the interplay between the flat matte and textured oil mediums elle adores.

As an ultra-sensitive being with high vibrations, Lyandrea strives to capture experiences that cannot be photographed, relying on their exceptional memory and artistic skill to recreate those profound moments. Their future works aim to share these otherworldly encounters, inviting viewers into a realm of heightened sensitivity and connection.

Lyandrea admires a diverse array of artists, including Adey, Jillian Evelyn, Abbey Rich, Boy Kong, Ed Freeman, Fabiana Hiromi, Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, Matisse, and Keith Haring. Their profound respect for these artists and their unique contributions fuels their own artistic journey.

Driven by a passion for social change, Lyandrea’s works focus on queer theory, environmental change, and various societal injustices. With a desire to reach a global audience, elle seeks a strong platform that can amplify their voice and foster meaningful connections.

Notable achievements include receiving the People's Choice Award at the 2022 Pride group exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art. Their recent exhibitions include 'Pride' at the Orlando Museum of Art in June 2022 and "Recycled Art Exhibition", Casselberry Art House at Casselberry, FL 4/1/2022-4/30/2022. They also participated in the 'Transparency' group exhibition at the I.M.A.G.E. gallery in Brooklyn, NY, from June 2017 to July 2017.

Their works available for purchase on Saatchi Art at

Please note that while Lyandrea does not offer prints of their paintings (elle believes prints of the paintings won't deliver the complete impact), they do provide prints of their digital art and occasionally their drawings, allowing art enthusiasts to enjoy their unique creations in a different format."

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